Washington State University DVM candidates can earn a business certificate while pursuing their DVM degree with VBMA. Members attend lectures on a variety of veterinary business topics presented by veterinary and business professionals. To earn a business certificate VBMA members must complete 8 credits (lecture hours) in each of the 4 categories and an honors portfolio.


BCP 1: Business Finances

This category spans both business finances and start-up or acquisition financing. Topics include analysis of financial statements, business finance, revenue and expense streams, start-up financing, bookkeeping, business and payroll taxes, accounting software, and more. 

BCP 2: Business Operations, Management, and Ownership

This category focuses on the daily operations, law, and ethics of veterinary businesses for associates and owners. Topics include evaluating a practice, business plans, exit strategies, employment law, pet insurance, insurance needs of vets and practice owners, practice management software, marketing, fraud and embezzlement, media relations, and more.

BCP 3: Business Leadership

This category focuses on developing and leading an effective team through collaboration and communication skills. Topics include recruitment, hiring, termination, presentation skills, listening skills, communication, delegation, managing change, teamwork, conflict resolution, motivation, exam room skills, and more. 

BCP 4: Career and Personal Development

This category focuses on preparing students to manage their career and personal finances. Topics include resumes, CV, interviewing, networking, internship and mentoring, employment opportunities, continuing education, personal finances, personal investments, student debt, credit scores, personal taxes, personal budgeting, and more. 

Honors Portfolio

Instructions for the honors portfolio can be found on the national VBMA website (www.vbma.biz). The honors portfolio culminates all that students learn attending lectures into a portfolio that takes the student through the process of job applications, interviews, contract negotiation, analysis of profit and loss statements, and more. These portfolios are reviewed and graded by veterinarians that actively participate in the hiring process in their practices. This real feedback on student's honors portfolios is an invaluable part of earning a VBMA business certificate.