2018 officer board

Meet your 2018 VBMA board. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Please read the descriptions of our board positions below and send your question to the corresponding board member. Thanks for the interest! 


Chapter Advisor: Dr. Richard DeBowes

Chapter Advisor: Dr. Richard DeBowes


Dr. Rick DeBowes is our club advisor. He graduated from the Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. He completed an internship and residency at WSU and is a board certified equine surgeon. Dr. DeBowes' veterinary interests include equine general and orthopedic surgery, lameness diagnosis, and joint biology. Dr. DeBowes' administrative interests include faculty and program development, fund raising, and the promotion of nontechnical competencies (life skills), medical communications and personal/servant leadership. 


He teaches and coordinates the practice management course (VM 591) and co-directs with Drs. Kurtz and Dr. Cary and teaches in the Veterinary Clinical Communication course (VM 502).  He also is a motivational speaker and conducts programing for team building and communications. He was instrumental in the development of COLE and co-founded VLE with Dr. Kathy Ruby.


President: Jackie Schultz

This position is held by Jackie Schultz, class of 2020. 


Roles of the President:

1. Work with the President Elect for fundraising and event ideas with speakers and sponsors.

 2. Support other board members in their roles.

 3. Organize the Capstone Project

  4. Work with president elect to plan VBMA Graduation, open house, and other events


President-elect: Brooke wedelich

This position is held by Brooke Wedelich, Class of 2021

Roles of the President-Elect:

1. Network with speakers to arrange the schedule

2. Work with sponsors to fund events

3. Run board meetings and support the other board members

4. Organize the VBMA booth for promotional events

5. Run officer elections in the fall

6. Support club members in their pursuit of the BCP certification


vice president: Chris DalLAs

Our current VP position is held by Chris Dallas, Class of 2021

Roles of the Vice President:

1. Run VPI contest in the spring

2. Write up events and submit them to the treasurer

3. National forum posts

4. Give quarterly updates to the national board

5. WSVMA contact


                                                                secretary: Garrett Ryerson

The secretary this year is Garrett Ryerson, Class of 2020


Roles of the Secretary:

  1. Take meeting notes and distribute to board members

  2. Update list serve with new and graduating members

  3. Create New Member packets and maintain membership lists

  4. Maintain credit hours document

  5. National report to NVBMA and Event Reports

  6. Order Business Cards for members


treasurer: Jordan Robins

The treasurer this year is Jordan Robins, Class of 2020

Roles of the Treasurer:

1. Maintaining the VBMA WSU financial account

2. Budgeting for the year

3. Reimbursing expenses for the meetings and collecting dues from members

4. Fundraising

5. National Reporting to NVBMA


public relations officer: Lillian McKinley

The Public Relations Officer this year is Lillian McKinley, class of 2020. Lillian is an Idaho native with special interests in Integrative Medicine and Birds of Prey. She plans to incorporate these interests into her future career in veterinary medicine.

Roles of the Public Relations Officer

  1. Manage the VBMA bulletin boarrd

  2. Maintain and respond to posts on the WSU Facebook page

  3. Update the website

  4. Publlicize meetings and events

  5. Manage RSVPs to events


events coordinator: Kim Layne

This year's Events Coordinator is Kim Layne, Class of 2021

Roles of the Event Coordinator:

  1. Ordering food for weekly meetings

  2. Managing weekly meetings and assigning tasks for set-up/take down

  3. Booking rooms for VBMA events

  4.  Running the Partners in Practice event with the President

  5. Plan a "wet lab" each semester

  6. Organize VBMA booth at the club fair in the fall



long distance learning chair: Hannah Greene

The Long Distance Learning Chair this year is Hannah Greene, Class of 2020

Roles of the Long Distance Learning Chair:

  1. Establishing relationships with Utah and Montana VBMA chapters

  2. Help Montana and Utah with club reimbursements.

  3. Schedule rooms and conferencing for VBMA events and meetings. 

  4. Design and make business cards for members on all campuses.

long distance representatives - montana and utah

There are three long distance representatives, two at our Utah State University campus, and one at Montana State University. Duties of the long distance representatives include: 

  • Establishing relationships with WSU VBMA

  • Acting as a liaison between WSU VBMA and other campuses

  • Update WSU VBMA Board of new ideas, issues, or event ideas.

  • Help Utah and Montana state campuses understand and reach requirements to complete the BCP program

  • Manage RSVPs, collect dues, coordinate food and rooms for events.

Utah Rep: Shelby Abeyta

Utah Rep: Vivien Burnell

Montana Rep: Shelbey Nagle

Montana Rep: Mariah Young