5th Annual Partners in Practice


Thank you for everyone that joined us at the WSU VBMA’s 5th annual Partners in Practice networking event on Saturday November 10th, 2018. This event was a great success and we were thrilled to connect so many veterinary professionals and veterinary students. The event started off with a CE lecture for practitioners and a VBMA BCP networking lecture for students. Then we opened up the bar and appetizers before starting the speed networking event, followed by dinner and a keynote speech by past WSU VBMA President Dr. Melanie Bowden. We rounded off the evening with an hour dedicated to exploring the exhibition hall and socializing; this was also a great opportunity for 4th year students to check out our job board. It was awesome to see 86 veterinary students, from years 1st-4th come out and network with the representatives from a variety of veterinary practices and companies. This year we had 17 exhibitors in our exhibition hall and 19 speed networking tables with practice/company representatives. Private practices represented 9 of 19 speed networking tables, 7 of 18 were corporate practices, and the remaining 3 speed networking tables were veterinary companies/industry representatives. We hope to see everyone again next year!

About VBMA

The VBMA began at the University of Pennsylvania in 2001. This completely student run organization has grown rapidly and is now a national organization that has a chapter at every veterinary school in the United States and over 3,000 members. The goal of the National VBMA was to provide a support network among students with common interests and goals. These students believed that in order to practice quality medicine, veterinarians needed to possess subsidiary skills to enhance client compliance and personal success. The basis of the VBMA is rooted in practice quality medicine by expanding the knowledge base of graduating students to include business acumen, leadership, and personal development. 

The VBMA gives DVM candidates a platform for networking, opportunities for leadership, and the ability to earn a business certificate while completing their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Learn more about the National VBMA at www.vbma.biz. 




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“One of the real joys of being a veterinary educator has been to encounter former students who are now out in veterinary practices, health care companies, research labs and related health enterprises, changing the face and impact of our profession. I cant help but notice that amongst the population of highly successful colleagues I have encountered in recent years, VBMA alums are over represented. I would encourage every veterinary student to become a VBMA member.”

- Dr. Richard DeBowes


“The VBMA students are clearly the future stars of our profession.  They understand that, to be successful, they MUST have some interest in and knowledge about the business of veterinary medicine. VBMA, a completely student-run organization, is possibly the best thing that has happened to veterinary medicine in the last several decades.  If I were hiring a new or recent graduate, I would want to know that he/she had been a strong participant in his/her school’s VBMA.  If not, I would probably look further.”

- Dr. Dave Gerber

Why listen to us toot our own horn? Here's what professionals have to say about VBMA:

“These young people will be the successful veterinarians of tomorrow who understand what it takes to create a practice or program of excellence.”

- Dr. Colin Burrows

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