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Veterinary Business Management Association


About VBMA

The VBMA began at the University of Pennsylvania in 2001. Through the vision of Meghan Stalker, the then-club president of that organization, VBMA became a national organization in 2004 with the inclusion of the 16 original VBMA chapters. 


The goal of the National VBMA was to provide a support network among students with common interests and goals. These students believed that in order to practice quality medicine, veterinarians needed to possess subsidiary skills to enhance client compliance and personal success. These beliefs were rooted in the results of industry research of the time, most notably the KPMG Mega Study but also the Brakke and AVMA-Pfizer studies that followed. These studies showed the importance of business education as factors in improving the quality of veterinary service and the amount veterinary income. VBMA has grown rapidly with a chapter now at every veterinary school and over 3,000 members. It is exciting to see all VBMA has accomplished in such a short amount of time and we know the great influence it will continue to have in the future. Enjoy the journey with us! Learn more at www.vbma.biz