Business Certificate Program

The Business Certificate Program (BCP) offers VBMA members the opportunity to receive certification in business education not offered in the general DVM curriculum. These standardized requirements ensure that members receive education on a variety of topics and are ready to become successful leaders in all areas of the veterinary community. Students from all backgrounds find value in the BCP, whether or not they plan on owning a practice or even going in to private practice.

The BCP is divided into four categories:

Business Finances      (BCP 1)

This category includes topics such as business finance, startup financing, revenue and expense streams, and accounting software.

Business Operations, Management, and Ownership (BCP 2)

This category focuses on daily operations, law, and ethics of veterinary businesses for associates and owners.

Business Leadership Skills (BCP 3)

This category includes topics on developing and leading an effective team, collaboration, and communication skills.

Career and Personal Development (BCP 4)

This category focuses on preparing students to manage their career and personal finances